Kris Kristofferson & Johnny Cash - Sunday morning coming down (1978 Johnny Cash Christmas Show)

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Kris said in an interview, "This song probably was the most directly autobiographical thing I had written. In those days I was living in a slum tenement that was torn down afterwards, but it was 25 dollars a month in a condemned building, and "Sunday Morning Coming Down" was more or less looking around me and writing about what I was doing. One time, some people broke into that place, and I had to call the police station to answer some questions about it, and the guy said, "Yeah, they really trashed the place when they went in there." But I hadn't noticed that it was any different. There were holes in the wall bigger than I was. It was quite a place, so "Sunday Morning Coming Down" is kind of more or less what I was living at that time. I guess it was depressing, I don't know, but the chorus was kind of uplifting. ... What I was really trying to do was to keep the feeling of loss and of sadness. For me at that time, it was the loss of my family and looking at a little kid swinging on a swing and his daddy pushing him. That was the feeling I wanted to get for the whole song. I think Sunday was the choice because the bars were closed in the morning and nobody was at work, so if you were alone, it was the most alone time..."

„Wahrscheinlich ist Sunday morning... der direkteste autobiografische Song, den ich geschrieben habe," sagte Kris in einem Interview 2007.
In jenen Tagen wohnte er in einer heruntergekommenen Mietwohnung, die danach auch abgerissen wurde, aber nur 25 Dollar im Monat kostete. Der Song war mehr oder weniger das, was er sah wenn er sich umschaute, und was er so machte. Einmal waren paar Leute dort eingebrochen und er musste die Polizei anrufen, um paar Fragen zu beantworten und der Polizist sagte, „die haben da ja wirklich ne ganz schöne Zerstörung angerichtet, um da reinzukommen". Aber Kris hatte nicht bemerkt, dass irgend etwas anders war als sonst... Es sah eigentlich immer so aus. "Da waren Löcher in der Wand, die waren größer als ich."
War schon alles ziemlich deprimierend, so wie im Song...
Kris Kristofferson
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