Strangest Videos They Tried To Erase From The Internet...


Hello everybody! Welcome back to your favorite entertainment channel on YouTube The Supreme! I’m your host Matty Willz and today just like every other day – we’ve got a brand-new episode lined up for you! We’ll be discussing some of the weirdest and most unexplained footage found anywhere on line, things that will really make you shake your head! with today’s title Strangest Videos They Tried to Erase from the Internet!

10 A Hairy Mess

So we’ll kick things off right here with a weird one because – well, because that’s just what we like to do here at the Supreme. What the heck is this thing right here?! It sort of looks like some kind of hairy goblin like creature – but, I mean that sort of just sounds ridiculous when I say it out loud! Haha. Anyway, what in the world do you think this could be? The creature, or, the goblin standing here in the corner is blinking it’s eyes so it definitely looks like it could be alive. But still, just kind of hard to say. Let us know your best guess as to whatever the heck this is – and we’ll go ahead and move things right along!

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