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Top 5 Disney- Extinct Disney Animatronic Attractions! The Walt Disney World and Disneyland theme parks are home to many rides and Disney attractions. Disney is known for their audio animatronics but a lot of animatronics are now extinct. Many of them being failed Disney Animatronic figures that encountered animatronic malfunctions. Disney's living character initiative was responsible for many of these new animatronic figures that are no longer in the Disney Parks including Lucky the Dinosaur, the Luxo Jr. Lamp and Push the Talking Trashcan.

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Full Original Source Videos Used (Disney Animatronics, Lucky the Dinosaur, Chef Remy (Ratatouille), Push the Talking Trashcan, Luxo Jr Lamp Animatronic, Wall-E)
Lucky the Dinosaur / Summer of 2005:
Lucky the Dinosaur in HKDL:
Lucky The Dinosaur May 26, 2005:
Modern Marvels: Disney Clip:
Chef Remy Comes to Life | Epcot's Les Chefs de France:
Ratatouille's Remy at Le Chefs de France at Disney's EPCOT:
disneyland paris restaurant rendez vous des stars "chef remy fait son show":
Ratatouille living character animatronic:
A Private Performance With Chef Remy At Les Chefs de France:
Remy at Les Chefs de France, Epcot:
Chef Remy at Les Chefs de France:
Chef Remy at WDW Les Chefs de France Restaurant:
Push revealed- The man behind the can:
Push The Talking Trashcan:
The Continuing Adventures of Push the Talking Trash Can:
Stitch & The Talking Trashcan:
PUSH at WDW - January 15th 2014:
Push Speaks Chinese at Disneyland:
The Pixar Lamp:
Luxo Jr. at Hollywood Studios:
WDW Disney Hollywood Studios Luxo Jr Daytime Show:
REAL Wall-E in DisneyLand!:
Real Life Wall-E at Franklin Institute:
WALL•E First Look:
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